Art Easel

Posted by admin on May 20, 2014

wooden art easelA tabletop easel is a popular item among artists.

The item is regularly used by artists in displaying small pieces of artwork such as paintings and water colors placed on top of tables.

Art collectors use the art easel as a stand or frame.

A number of artists make the easels from wood using various styles.

This item allows one to do art work using a very small table area.

Over and above its portability enables one to transfer it to a different place conveniently.

The easel is not a complicated item to construct.

While most of them are made by professional artists, one does not need to be a professional painter to take pleasure in the art of painting.

Since many people may not have the space to set up a full-sized easel, the one for the table is great alternative that someone can easily make by themselves.

One does not have to use the complex designs.

The following steps will help one create and display their artworks in no time, in a limited space and cost efficient way:

· You will need a piece of cardboard, a ruler, a marker, a duct tape and a utility knife.

· Using of your ruler and marker, measure and draw a rectangle that measures 36 inches in height and 12 inches in width.

· Using your marker and ruler, dot a line three inches up from the edge at the bottom of the rectangular drawing extending only some few inches outside the rectangle drawing

· Make a measurement of 14 inches starting from the bottom edge of the rectangle and dot a different horizontal line across the card board.

· Make an additional dotted line 25 inches upwards starting from the edge at the bottom of the rectangle.

· Spot the marks at the 3rd inch and the 14th inch levels of the dotted lines, then making use of the ruler and the marker draw a concrete vertical line, 2 inches out from the rectangle, from the both marks. This should be done on both the left and right sides of the rectangle.

· Making use of the utility knife, cut out the shape that has been formed by the concrete lines only. For each of the 2 inched flaps sticking outside the rectangle on the sides, make a 45 degree cut on the top. This ought to be done by holding the outer top corners of the flaps and folding them down in a dog-ear style. The shape made from the folding will be a small triangle

· The folding should then be unfolded and making use of the utility knife, make a cut along the crease.

· Bend or curvature the cardboard at every of the dotted lines. The resulting pyramid shape as the folding is being bend is supposed to be on top. The flat piece that has the flats is supposed to be resting on top of the table.

· Tape the little cardboard piece on the easel front to the flaps on the easel side using a duct tape. Your easel is now ready.

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